Live Betting

Although our team makes every effort to ensure that the information displayed on our website with regards to an event is correct, this information should be used only as a guide, and cannot be used under any circumstances for settling bets. If any information (such as result, time of game etc.) is not correct, we assume no liability for this. Please refer to our betting rules for more information on how we settle individual markets.

For the purpose of live betting, customers should be aware that transmissions described as live by some broadcasters may actually be delayed. The extent of any delay may vary between customers, in dependence of a set-up through which they are receiving pictures or data. For safety reasons (television signal delay etc.) there is a buffer time between confirmation of the bet by the customer and the confirmation by Bet Social Club. If during that buffer time the odds are cancelled (for example a goal has been scored etc.) the bet will be automatically refused.

If the bet needs to be manually confirmed by the live betting operator (it is not automatically accepted after the buffer time), and the goal is scored (or something else significant happens) before the bet is accepted or refused, it will be decided in favour of the customer as to whether the bet will be accepted or not. Once confirmed, both by the customer and by Bet Social Club, bets placed during live betting cannot be cancelled.